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Oct 1, 2012 2:00am PDT
as they face losing their homes and their futures. yet never losing themselves. diane windemuller is the kind of do it all mom you often meet in the affluent suburbs of boulder, colorado. >> we're going to get some groceries. pasta, rice, cereal, a gallon of milk possibly, and eggs. >> she's an ambitious human resource executive with a masters degree, a husband, three kids, and a comfortable home. so what is diane doing here? >> you're entitled to the government commodities today. could you use rice crispies? >> yes. >> at a food pantry. >> i never imagined we would be in this kind of predicament and for this long. it's so scary there's so many unknowns. >> the windemullers didn't see it coming. three years ago when they moved from michigan to the boulder suburbs. >> i felt that it was kind of like going to mecca because the economy was apparently better over here and the jobs were plentiful. >> their new life began well, indeed. jon an avid runner found work as a business consultant with an athletic company. diane found an executive position in human resources. together they were earning abo
Oct 29, 2012 6:30pm EDT
york. here is diane sawyer with a look at word news and we'll be right back past their break. >>> this is a special edition of with "world news tonight." blasting the east coast. winds gusting to 86 miles per hour. a crane blown off a skyscraper. the incredible images from americans under siege and entire towns underwater. a house collapsing and a pier crumbling and the dramatic story of the ship that sailed into the heart of sandy battling 18-foot waves until it capsized and sank. a passenger saw a heroic helicopter pilot coming to save them and new york city watching the waters rise. the busiest city in america, landmark like a ghost town and on this night when 60 million americans are feeling the effects of hurricane sandy, the abc news team is out in force in every corner of the storm. tonight, the moment it crashes on land, our team in the storm zone bringing you what's happening at this hour as "world news" begins. >> this is a special edition of the world news with diane sawyer. good evening and welcome to the one-hour edition of world news and as we come on the air, i
Oct 29, 2012 5:30pm PDT
the shore now in atlantic city, new jersey. ginger? >> we're essentially inside the storm, diane. it is just to our south. we're easily getting into some of the worst stuff, 60 to even 74 miles per hour, that threshold of hurricane force, one of the worst storms that has ever hit atlantic city. this city is basically under water. water from the ocean, water from the bay. it is everywhere. this is the storm that we forecasted and then some. it is chaos along the jersey shore. the super storm battering the barrier island. in the crosshairs atlantic city. the road into this sea front town is completely submerged. damage started early, massive chunks of boardwalk littering the streets. street after avenue after cul-de-sac inundated. so we just picked one. plain street and started knocking on doors. >> the water starts coming in our house we'll go upstairs and we got our kids. we're going to snuggle in a ball and hope for the best. >> reporter: once it peaked waves at the shore could grow to 20 feet. out at sea up to 40 feet. you got to take a look at how the winds have picked up and this is what
Oct 1, 2012 2:50am EDT
, diane isn't ready to compromise yet. she still wants that executive title and the security it will bring. these days her mental break from the pressure is her monthly volunteer session at her church's soup kitchen. >> even in my difficult circumstance, i still have the ability to help other people, so i should do that. and i can. it gives me energy. it gives me hope. and i need lots of hope right now. >> for claim and payment status, press two. >> but suddenly a new crisis is brewing. >> the balance remaining on your claim is zero dollars. thank you for calling the colorado unemployment insurance offices. good-bye. >> diane's unemployment benefits have seemed to run out a month before expected. she calls the case manager. >> she says well, you've run out hun. she called me sweetie and was chomping on gum. she said you should have paid better attention to things. >> there's just one month left on the family's rental assistance. >> are you guys willing to consider an additional month or is that a no? >> i can't promise. more things are either going to have to be cut back or find other ways
Oct 31, 2012 6:30pm EDT
's standing by with the very latest for us right now. terry? >> reporter: diane, this is what you see throughout the jersey shore right now. homes just rippled right off their foundations. this was someone's living room. there's a kitchen back there, a bathroom over here. but look down here. none of the infrastructure of the house is left. it's somewhere else. and that is why the real threat here right up and down the shore is what you can't see. fires rage in the town of mantoloking on the jersey shore early this morning, fueled by natural gas. it is a harbinger of a worst-case scenario here -- a potential disaster after the disaster. >> you can hear the gas. you can smell the gas. everywhere you go, you hear "shh", just all the open gas lines going. just scared to death. [ hissing ] >> reporter: do you hear that? that is the sound that everyone left in this town is faring the most. it is a hissing gas main. street after street. you can smell it in the air. and fire officials are concerned that these towns are basically ticking time bombs. everywhere we went along the jersey shore to
Oct 13, 2012 5:00pm PDT
are just joining us, good evening. welcome back. i am diane dwyer. giants' fever in the bay area. the team prepares for plateothe playoff against st. louis. we are joined now from at & t park. monte, tickets are a touch hard to come by? >> well, diane, that's right. there are tickets available you. cannot get them here at the giants' box office. you have to go online. as you guessed that will cost you. i heard from communications manager at stubhub, and there are 4,000 tickets aavailable on site for tomorrow's game at at & t park. tickets start at $120 each. those are for standing room tickets. if you want to sit down you will have to pay $140. and on the higher end, good seats are going for more than $1,000. and for monday, i'm told there is still about 7,000 tickets available online. and that same price range. >> tomorrow is a big day for us. we got tickets for the 49ers game in the morning. we are hoping, didn't get the tickets yet for the baseball game. but we are pretty sure we are getting them tonight. >> the giants victory is no doubt going to translate into big business for bars, r
Oct 19, 2012 11:35pm PDT
, and tonight, cynthia mcfadden with diane sawyer in new york city, this is a special edition of "nightline," october 19th, 2012. >> good evening, i'm cynthia mcfadden. tonight, my colleague and "world news" anchor, diane sawyer, joins us with the latest in on ongoing abc news series, hidden america. this one, from the streets of chicago. diane, the powerful report we're about to see really takes us inside what can only be described as a hidden american war zone. >> it is true, but we want to say at the outset, as we know, chicago is simply a great city, filled with wonderful people. but as we're going to show you, there are some areas, where small children really do live, as we said, in a kind of battle zone. so, listen to this number. at least 419 people were killed this year, across a dozen neighborhoods in chicago, and that is more than all the u.s. troops killed in afghanistan this year. the cause? rival gangs, creating anarchy. and, so, "nightline" and "world news" decided to try something different, something unprecedented. we gathered 38 members of rival gangs, past and present, fro
Oct 30, 2012 5:30pm PDT
jersey, still underwater, rescue is under way right now. alex. >> reporter: well, diane, we've learned president obama will be in new jersey surveying the damage tomorrow, but i want you to take a look around me here. this is what many blocks across little ferry, new jersey, look like tonight, completely submerged. if you look down some streets, you'll see cars that tried to get out but just could not. in this neighborhood alone, more than 400 stranded people were rescued today. rescuers made their way through flooded streets today picking up stranded families. >> want to come out? >> reporter: and the boats bringing people to where they could be trucked to safety. whole families huddled together in the backs of trucks. >> the entire first floor gone. able to go on the second floor. power is down. water is almost gone. we have a baby and elderly person. >> baby, baby here. >> reporter: the frantic rescue operation began around midnight last night after sandy's storm surge swamped new jersey. >> happened so fast, within 15 minutes we had 10 feet of water. >> reporter: stunned residents
Oct 4, 2012 5:30pm PDT
? >> reporter: good evening, diane. yes, that performance by the president that one former democratic party chairman referred to as lethargic, disinterested and passive, was the talk of the campaign today. campaign aides say they don't have any explanation as to why the president was the way he was, other than a general inclination to play it safe, but however cold his performance may have left even some supporters last night, today, the president came out with some fire. before a crowd of 12,000 in denver, the president tried to turn his opponent's polished debate performance into proof of his phoniness. >> when i got onto the stage, i met this very spirited fellow who claimed to be mitt romney. but the real mitt romney has been running around the country for the last year, promising $5 trillion in tax cuts that favor the wealthy. >> reporter: but in the audience, many of the president's supporters expressed bewilderment at his passive performance last night. >> i felt like he should have been more aggressive. >> i didn't understand the strategy. i thought, you know, i wondered what was go
Oct 8, 2012 5:30pm PDT
? >> reporter: good evening, diane. well, the obama campaign's official line is that the president's debate performance did not change the fundamentals of the race, but behind the scenes with that new poll, some top democrats are getting nervous and say the pressure is on vice president biden. president obama's sending a message to his supporters about last week's debate disaster. he gets it. here he is at a los angeles fund-raiser praising the opening performer. >> they just perform flawlessly night after night. i can't always say the same. >> reporter: in the last few days, the pundits have been vicious and the comics no kinder, whether "the new yorker's" cover or "saturday night live." >> mr. president, governor romney has just said that he killed osama bin laden. would you care to respond? >> no, you two go ahead. >> reporter: a new gallup poll shows those who watched the debate believe romney did the superior job. 72% to obama's 20%. incumbent presidents wait a minuted off from confrontation and in a bubble for years often stumble as did president ronald reagan in 1984. >> i did avoid,
FOX News
Oct 26, 2012 12:00am PDT
know diane will disagree with me. the sports that are most popular right now, volleyball, tennis and soccer all have really good looking women. maybe that is some weird coincidence. i don't know. >> it might be. exactly. beach volleyball is far and away the most popular olympic sport. there is a reason why. >> there is. >> it is not the sand. >> the original name was women on a beach jumping in a sports bra, and then they thought it was wordy and gave them a net and a ball and it is a little less degrading. >> i think we can all agree it is an important topic that merits further discussion with people smarter than we are. >> come on. they don't exist. >>> from hoops to scoops. does their cycle serve as a signal? i'm scared. cnn published a story linking women's hormones to their voting choices. but after a crap storm of reader complaint it was removed. the study by researchers at the university ever -- the university of texas and based on an internet survey found ovulating single gals support president obama because they feel sexier. according to dirante heightened sexual feeling
Oct 6, 2012 3:30pm PDT
now. >> announcer: nbc bay area news starts now. >> good evening. i'm diane dwyer. thank you for watching this special edition of nbc bay area news. we are on early because of the notre dame football game coming up. it was a beautiful day to be out and about in san francisco, hundreds of thousands of people gathered in the city for a little bit of music, some baseball, and activities. we have crews throughout the city. let's begin with monti francis. he is along the waterfront. hello, monti. >> reporter: good afternoon, the blue angels took to the sky just about 15 minutes ago. for many spectators, this is what they came to see. in fact, many of these folks staked out their spots this morning. we started with the parade of ships as vessels from the u.s. navy and u.s. coast guard came under the golden gate bridge and into the bay. that was followed by the air show at 12:30, including some impressive of air ak crow bat icks. spectators were also wowed by a b-2 stealth bomber. the weather cooperated beautifully, viewing was clear as can be and not al at all hindered by the fog a
Oct 25, 2012 5:30pm PDT
signs of what's to come. ginger? >> reporter: diane, the winds have gusted to 50 plus miles per hour and that beast is still over 300 miles away from south florida. this is just the beginning of our journey with sandy, the hurricane that could become a superstorm. hurricane sandy, crashing through the caribbean. it exploded in size and strength today as it hit the bahamas, after relentlessly pounding jamaica. the category 2 hurricane blasted out winds of over 110 miles per hour, and unleashed a staggering two feet of rain. here in florida, it won't be a direct hit, but more of a sideswipe. many schools are canceled tomorrow, as sandy approaches. this is ft. lauderdale beach and it is usually packed. but the only thing being packed up and locked down are these chairs. they expect up to ten foot waves and deadly rip currents up and down the florida coast. but the real danger is farther north, when sandy collides with a cold weather system. a merger that could create a superstorm. >> we don't normally see storms move this way. >> reporter: that's why it's been called a billion dollar st
Oct 26, 2012 5:30pm PDT
miami. sam? >> reporter: good evening, diane. tonight, sandy is running parallel to the florida coastline, but creating a stir in places really far north from here, like washington, d.c., states like new york, virginia, maryland, have all declared a state of emergency ahead of this storm. even the u.s. navy is taking this storm seriously, pulling 21 ships out of the harbor in norfolk, feeling they'll be safer in the open water than they will be bouncing around in port when this storm comes onshore. so, where is this storm going? let's show you the latest from the hurricane center, and you'll see in the track, it is still expected to run up the coastline, go out a little bit and then coming back in, making a sharp left turn on monday, toward the shoreline. spaghetti models indicate we don't exactly know where this storm will make landfall yet. we'll pinpoint as we get closer to this storm. but whateverewherever this stor going, it's going to make even more headlines. sandy's already killed at least 30 people in its march across the caribbean. seen from space, this storm is monste
Oct 9, 2012 5:30pm PDT
be allowed to visit children. diane? >> all right, jim avila, thank you so much tonight. >>> and now we move on to the race for the white house. governor mitt romney with the political wind at his back. there is a report that two members of the governor's family often seen by his side, that's his wife ann and his eldest son tagg, have urged a new approach behind the scenes. 28 days until americans head to the polls, "your voice, your vote." abc's david muir with all the new polls out tonight. david? >> reporter: diane, good evening from the crucial battleground state of ohio tonight. some of the biggest crowds we've seen yet for mitt romney since his debate performance are lined up for several blocks and a new poll you spoke of right here in ohio showing the race tightening. the president still in the lead here, which is why we're noticing something different from governor romney. more personal stories, personal connections with people he's met along the way. a more personal, a more emotional mitt romney on the campaign trail. >> so i was happy to put my hand on his shoulder and thank him an
FOX News
Oct 16, 2012 12:00am PDT
's welcome our guest. she doubles as a steam cleaner. i am here with diane ma -- macedo. she is on very, very early. it is worth checking her out. and he is so sharp he sleeps in a block. his e book with will ron came outlast week. it is called "the lizard king." and in greece he is considered a kabob. and if hilarity was lotto winnings, i would blow him in atlantic city. siting next to me, he is an actor, a writer and comedian. michael ian black. he is the co author of the book "america you sexy [bleep]." please bleep that later. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> i felt something. he jumped from space and didn't land on his face. felix baumgartner if that is his real name made some news landing on his feet after a world record jump from over 128,000 feet above the earth which is something like two miles. the austrian daredevil, is there any other kind, set a bunch of records including highest manned balloon flight and highest parachute jump and the greatest free fall velocity perhaps reaching a max speed of 833.9 miles per hour or over mach1.2 making the first person going fas
Oct 12, 2012 5:30pm PDT
martha raddatz. but we begin with abc's jonathan karl right now. jon? >> reporter: diane, it was an even harder fought than the presidential debate, but today, both men quickly hit the campaign trail, trying to take advantage of whatever momentum they can. fresh off the big debate, joe biden rallied supporters in wisconsin, paul ryan's home state. >> i am sure you observed last night, we had a little bit of a debate. >> reporter: ryan, out for a family breakfast in kentucky, seemed pleased, too. >> i feel great. >> reporter: it was a debate that sets the stage for the campaign's final month, laying out big differences on the central issues. like whether tax rates can be lowered without adding to the deficit. >> not mathematically possible. >> it is mathematically possible. it's been done before. it's precisely what we're proposing. >> it has never been done before. >> it's been done a couple of times, actually. >> it has never been done before. >> jack kennedy lowered tax rates, increased growth. ronald reagan -- >> oh, now you're jack kennedy? >> reporter: biden went right at ryan over
Oct 5, 2012 5:30pm PDT
to see you in person, diane. not only were the jobs numbers a welcome sign for the americans lucky enough to get those jobs, they were very welcome by the president today, fighting to keep his job. and after that debate performance this week, tonight, that spring in his step is back. bounding up to the podium, the new jobs numbers were more than just a economic jolt, they were a political one. today, the president in the battleground of virginia. >> this morning, we found out that the unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest level since i took office. >> reporter: hours later, in the battleground of ohio. >> it's a reminder that this country's come too far to turn back now. >> reporter: today, after nearly four years of unemployment above 8%, what economists called a sharp drop. down to that 7.8%, a psychological benchmark, broken. and a boost for the president, just days after his disappointing debate performance against a challenger who came ready. >> but you've been president four years. you've been president four years. >> reporter: for months now, central to mitt romney's stump spe
FOX News
Oct 5, 2012 12:00am PDT
for the equator. i am here with diane macedo. and she is so smart that dictionaries use her to look up big words. it is liz mcdonald, fox business network's stocks editor. and in romania he is considered a stick. it is bill schulz. and if comedic genius was a fog horn, sailors would blow him during bad weather. the comedian, tom shallou. >> a block, the lede, that's the first story. >> yes, it is. well, one was on his game and the other was lame. round one went to the more mon. in wednesday night's debate, mitt aggressively attacked the economy, the health care and the deficit while obama looked like a board employee at best buy. romstein pumped himself up with a game of jenga and continued to rattle his opponent with lines like these. >> you put $90 billion like 50 years worth of breaks into solar wind and cylindra. i have a friend who says you don't just pick the winners and the losers. you pick the losers. mr. president, you are on your own plane and not your own facts. >> pining for yogurt by dannon. romney staired his opponent down and obama just stared down and stared down some more. he is
Oct 20, 2012 2:05am PDT
us today? >> i am with diane from pennsylvania, who enjoys dancing in her free time. diane, what's your question for the ladies? >> i want to know if they walk around in six-inch high heels. >> diane, diane, diane. >> not exactly six. >> let me see what mine is. >> the minute the show is over, diane, i take these babies off, i'm in my boots and off to "scandalous." i wear flats the rest of the whole day. >> i leave mine on. i've gotten used to them. i don't know why it is. sometimes i get the nike air, you know what i mean, so they are a little bit comfy. >> most of the time she goes bowling in these babies. >> i don't even bowl, diane. don't listen to her. >> got a ball in her purse. >> goes bowling in those high heels. >> next up, okay, i guess i'm getting cut off. >> sara, quick one. >> dance, dance, dance. dance it out. when in doubt, dance. >>> we're going to talk about things that make you go boo, make your halloween party a real scream. >> did somebody really write that? . >>> and spooky travel destinations for you and your family. >>> and ghoul to cool. >>> how about this
Oct 6, 2012 12:00am PDT
." and diane swonk, chief economist at mesirow financial. diane, start with you, was this big drop in the unemployment number a surprise or what's going on? >> well, certainly it was a surprise. we can see allots of volatility in this number from a month-to-month basis. we saw the big increase in employment. we saw big decrease in unemployment. but over time both this report and the other reports that's the payroll survey tend to converge. and i think that's important to remember. it's also important to remember that in general a 2/10 movement or 3/10 movement in unemployment rate actually isn't statistically significant. i know it makes the headlines but 7.8% is not all that different from 8% or 7.6% on a statistical basis. so i think that's also important to remember in this day, it is highly volatile with a wide range on what is really significant. >> brown: of course it makes for a big headline in a political campaign but before we head to the politics fill in a little bit more about these two surveys because it is very con sues-- confusing, the household and business survey. >
Oct 6, 2012 8:00pm PDT
you out on the water. >> nbc bay area news starts now. >> good evening. i'm diane dwyer, and thanks for joining us for this special edition of nbc bay area news. we'll bring you complete coverage of the bay's big weekend in just a moment, but we begin tonight with a heartbreaking story on the peninsula. a minivan hit and killed a 6-year-old girl in a parking lot of a church today. her mother and one other adult was also injured at st. andrew's catholic church in daly city. kimberly tere joins us from daly city with more for us. >> reporter: diane, you can see the markers left on the ground by investigators who were here for hours in this parking lot. the accident happened just before 9:00 this morning, just as mass was about to begin, and catechism for the kids was getting under way. so witnesses say the parking lot was very busy. according to daly city police, a woman in her 50s driving a minivan hit a mother, her child, and another woman. all three victims were taken to san francisco general hospital where the 6-year-old girl died. the two women, one 45, the other 46 years old are
Oct 13, 2012 6:00pm PDT
>>> good evening and welcome back. i'm diane dwyer. we begin the 6:00 hour with two ballot measures on the california ballot. the two propositions both raise taxes. one helps just schools. the other has broader goals. and there's plenty of controversy with both of them. today the head of the california public schools weigh in to nbc area on the debate and kimberly tere has more on propositions 30 and 38. >> reporter: diane, state superintendent for public instruction tom turricsen wants voters to say yes on both measures. we caught up with him, but with the election so close, education and these propositions weren't far from his mind. he carefully considered both prop 30 and 38 and says both would help get more money into public schools. >> now, i'm equally strong on both, and i believe that they'll both represent a major rescue plan for the schools. without the passage of either one of them, our schools face more devastating cuts. possibly a shortening of the school year by four weeks. this would make it one of the shortest school years in the modern economy, the modern global worl
Oct 21, 2012 8:30pm PDT
high school is rocked by a sex scandal involving the students. >>> good evening. i'm diane dwyer, and thanks for joining us for this special edition of nbc bay area news. you've been watching football, but we are switching to baseball right now. the giants are now just one game away from the world series. they beat st. louis tonight. and that means it's on to game 7 tomorrow night in san francisco for a winner take all situation. nbc bay area's kimberly tere joins me now from at&t park with more on all the excitement. hello, kimberly. >> reporter: hello, diane. from the start of this game there was a lot of energy inside at&t park. these fans wanted the giants to win and they pulled through and did it for their fans. tomorrow, game 7, as you mentioned. and if they win that, it is on to the world series against the detroit tigers. fans say this season has been filled with ups and downs. some calling it torturous. but they say the team as always comes through when their backs are against the wall. tonight's final score, 6-1 giants. >> i'm totally pumped. it's great. game 7 ready fo
Oct 16, 2012 5:30pm PDT
is going to bring tonight, jake. >> reporter: good evening, diane. well, campaign sources for both campaigns tell me that romney and obama have rehearsed for this potentially tricky town hall format with aides throwing them random questions, jumping from topic to topic looking for ways to bond with the undecided voters who will be making up the audience in this theater in the round behind me. at a williamsburg, virginia, resort this morning, president obama put on a confident face between a workout and a 45-minute debate prep session. how are you feeling about tonight? >> i feel fabulous. >> reporter: what are you going to say? >> look at this beautiful day. >> reporter: then he ignored a question about the attack on the diplomatic post in benghazi, libya. a smile cannot be your umbrella in every storm. he knows tonight he has to step it up. since his weak performance in the first debate, momentum in polls is with mitt romney. >> is it possible you handed him the election that night? >> no. >> you're going to win? >> yes. >> reporter: romney held debate prep in boston this morning
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 667 (some duplicates have been removed)